Mitaka Clutch Basket



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These Clutch baskets are made from Aerospace Aluminium Alloy 7075 billet and is then sent for hardening to ensure a long lasting product.

These are far superior to OEM as they are only cast material and offer no where near the same wear resistant and strength as the MITAKA Clutch Basket.

The MITAKA Clutch Basket are manufactured in the UK England and is put through a rigorous quality control specification to ensure you get an amazing, long lasting quality product

MITAKA supply screws and allen key to enable you to attach the back plate and gear, a drill bit is also supplied so you can drill out the rivets in the original clutch basket …. .

Please note … these clutch baskets do not include the back gear or plate

New clutch rubbers are also available for most models at a reduced costs of £20.00 if you buy with the clutch basket please email me first to confirm stock


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